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Autism Rocks Solo Capital Donates to Autism Reserach

Sanjay Shah, a British millionaire and philanthropist, hopes to raise money to facilitate autism research through Autism Rocks, a charity which hosts private concerts worldwide. He decided to spearhead this initiative after Nikhil, his youngest son, was diagnosed with the disease, proving to be a personal crisis to him.
Sanjay Shah has been involved in charitable events in India, sponsoring kids through Plan International over the last decade. He says that he used to send money there each month, but had never focused on what else he could do for charity. Although he studied medicine and graduated at King’s college, he ended up becoming an accountant and worked for various companies before quitting. He later started a broker company, which has seen him grow to a net worth of 280 million dollars.
In 2001, together with Usha, his wife, Sanjay Shah had to travel to Dubai to take Nikhil, their two-year old son; because he developed a condition which couldn’t let him put his food down. Shah says that his son threw up all the food he ate and had to survive being fed on a drip. The doctors then suggested that the child had to be taken to a child psychologist for assessments of autism or attention disorder. Nikhil was later confirmed to have autism at the Portland hospital. The family visited a government-funded resource in Dubai known as Dubai Autism Center, but was informed that his son had to wait for up to five years because of the demand on the list. Luckily, he had enough money to pay for private therapists.
The situation led to Sanjay Shah thinking about offering his help to parents with autistic children. He went to the organization and asked them how he could help and they said that donation in form of money would be welcome. He bought two minibuses to transport the children and started raising money to fund the research center.
Sanjay Shah, the CEO and president of Solo Capital, is a former Kenyan national who flew to the UK in July 2005, earning full British Citizenship. Solo Capital is a computer software company based in London offering financial services. Today, he has a network of not less than 39 companies based in London, Dubai, Malta, Luxembourg, The British Virgin Islands and The Cayman Islands.
Sanjay Shah is also the president and CEO of Autism Rocks, an organization aimed at helping acoustic children and research of the disease. To raise funds for the organization, he arranges events where major musicians such as Snoop Dogg and Prince perform.

Securus Technologies Upgrades To Become The Most Advanced Analytical Tool On The Market

At Securus Technologies our mission is to provide the most advanced civil and criminal justice technology solutions. Our products and services provide effective analytical data and inmate communication monitoring for public safety, investigation, and corrections. Our powerful analytical tools have been upgraded in an effort to make our user interface more convenient while maintaining and improving the services our customers are familiar with. 

THREADS 3.1 combines ease of use with enhanced performance and new features to create the most advanced analytical tool on the US corrections market. We achieved this result by eliminating unnecessary system actions while bolstering the functions essential to effectively using our technology including the navigation, record loading, video visitation software and search functions. 

The improvements made have made our products more efficient but in turn do not require any additional specialized training to use, though customer service is standing by for any potential questions. Our customers will be able to use our upgraded software platform to easily perform investigations that return high quality leads and actionable intelligence. We’ve also incorporated new features to make monitoring and investigations more thorough; our Secure Calls Platform is integrated into the THREADS 3.1 platform so investigators can listen to SCP calls in THREADS 3.1, our guided real time analysis provides investigators with the ability to monitor inmate phone calls and other information as it occurs, context sensitive reports provide data in an accurate way without bias or error, and our customized mapping and printing feature provides high quality visuals to the data provided. 

This upgrade comes at no additional cost for existing customers. We proudly offer these necessary and effective improvements to our already outstanding system because we know the importance of the services we provide. Our products are in place to ensure the safety and security of the institutions and individuals that we serve.

Villanova Lacrosse Alumni Urbana Continues Active Life

Denver, CO resident and native Jon Urbana lives an active, healthy lifestyle full of rewarding charity work and other courageous activities. His time spent as a college Lacrosse player for the Villanova Wildcats featured All-America honors as well as the title of Defensive Player of the year from the Colonial Athletic Association. Jon Urbana continues his active lifestyle by helping youth Lacrosse build skills and develop into star athletes at Next Level Lacrosse Camp, which he founded in 2011.

In addition to his continued presence in the Lacrosse community, Jon participates in aviation and has been officially included in the FAA’s Airmen Certification Database. Jon also spends time improving his other skills, taking high quality photographs of various subject matter which can be found on his social media accounts as well as his wordpress blog. He often shoots still life photographs of fruit as well as vegetables in large resolution and impeccable quality. And…women building inexplicable castles.

When Jon is not taking photographs, founding Lacrosse camps, or becoming certified by the FAA, he enjoys spending time creating remixed-tracks from a number of genres and artists. Many of Jon’s remix’s can be found on his MTV artist page or on his Soundcloud profile. He recently published two of his remixed Fight Between Bosses and Loopair on his MTV artist page.

Outside of his recreational interests, Jon Urbana donates his time and efforts to charity work and spends a few hours per day on Twitter. He is actively working on fundraising efforts for Earth Force Inc as well as Denver area no-kill cat shelter ARAS (Animal Rescue Adoption Society). Jon continues to work on his fundraising projects with videos and social media posts to help raise awareness and help make a difference.

The George Soros Legacy

History has seen its share of great men and people who not only influence the society but build and mold it. George Soros is not only a man that has defined history but one that continues to shock the society with his ability to evolve and defy all odds.


A philanthropist and activist, George has brightened the lives of many by giving scholarships to young minds whose hope for a better life was dimmed by war, poverty and racism. His support of refugees seeking asylum and a better life has seen him battle with states for better integration and policies for the refugees


Born in Budapest in 1930, George Soros has helped fight the darkest moments in human society by matching against Communism, racial discrimination, and corruption. Through the establishment of independent organizations as the Global Witness, the International Crisis Group, the Institute of Economic thinking and the European Council on Foreign Relations, George has not only touched the society but set up a place for humanitarian Organizations.


George Soros serves as Founder and Chairman of Open Society Foundations which has partners and networks in more than 100 countries thus his ideals of open society, access to information and government accountability are widespread and deep-rooted in all societies across the globe. George Soros is a dedicated man of the people with a passion for a better society.


The Open Society Foundations work independently in partnership with well-wishers and like-minded organizations within their areas. Their core function is to identify, alleviate and solve joint problems ailing the local communities. Simply put, these societies mend the broken fabric and empower the people to lead better lives. They also check the authorities for accountability and good governance.


George has been described as shy, a great thinker and a giant who walks slowly but surely. In the month of September 1992, a currency prediction against the British pound made him a profit of $1 billion. On that lucky day, the Bank of England is said to have made the largest withdrawal.


George Soros remains an outspoken member of the international community in his individual capacity. Perhaps this is the reason he is caught up in controversial topics at times. His voice of reason directs international discourse on matters of concern such as the prevailing humanitarian crisis in Europe. On this issue, Soros has called the European Union heads and nations to action to prevent the escalation of the crisis.


He also condemns anarchy across the international system with states like Russia showing aggression towards Ukraine. The Russian situation bothers Soros to the point that he blames the European Union for its failure to check Russia’s aggression out of fear. Soros speaks of the need for the union to rediscover its lost glory.


The idea of an Open Society as presented by George Soros resonates well with the global audience. He has inspired generations of leaders, artists, lawyers, educators and activists. The world community could learn a lot from George Soros’ lifetime achievements and philosophical ideas.


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The Different Sides Of Kyle Bass You Did Not Know

Kyle Bass is not new to making headlines, and oftentimes making headlines for the wrong reasons like in UsefulStooges. In the recent few months, he has been involved in fighting drug patents he considers ‘zombie’ through the Coalition for Affordable Drugs that he formed with lawyer Eric Spangenberg. By December 2015, the coalition had been able to challenge not less than 33 drug patents. Pharmaceutical companies and nonprofit organizations have been arguing that together with his lawyer associate in the campaign, Bass has been abusing the IPR system and using the proceeds they get for their own personal gain.

However, in their most latest petition, they have filed in their own names and challenged the validity of a anesthetic they argued that only covers a common rubber stopper and that chances are high that it is a speckled weight loss tablet. Asked why they filed the petition in their own names, they said that it is because the patent embodies the stupidity of the current system with patents that allows sub standard drugs to continue being produced and used by the masses.

They said that all through, their patents aim to shed a bright light on the dark underside of the US Patent Office and that it is all about showing the link between bad patents and lobbying from drug companies that results in drugs being sold at very high prices.

Kyle has been in the news all the time. However, in the recent couple of months, he has been making headlines for the wrong reasons. He first came into the limelight when he correctly made a prediction in the mortgage crisis of 2008 and made a lot of money out of the same. His hedge fund Hayman Capital Management suddenly became a darling of the masses. Prior to joining the hedge-fund arena, he was deeply involved in making movies and had earned an award nomination for his role in The Sixth Sense. Many people jumped to the conclusion that Kyle was a genius who could do nothing wrong.

However, time has not been very kind to him. He has made one call after the other and instead of trying to save his professional image from getting further ridicule, he has been making even bigger mistakes. The recent months have seen him jumping from one television station to the other giving his opinion on matters related to the global financial markets. Most of the time, his opinions have been wrong and he has continued to be the laughing stock among his colleagues. On top of that, he has continued to make the worst alliances for his image. One of his current bosom friends is Christina Kricher, an Argentinian who has made her people suffer as a result of her financial mistakes. Bass has been defending her actions in every television interview he gets invited to.

The Classic Soap Opera One Life to Live

When television first came out, many people were unsure of their feelings about this new media. Many people quickly started to realize just how much fun it could bring to their lives. Many writers realized the immediate possibility of this media. Those who write shows such as One Life to Live started to realize how they could create an entirely new form of sitcom, one that was focused on creating a new world. This was one of things that the people who started the soap opera One Life to Live knew when they began writing it for their viewers.

One Life to Live was one of the world’s longest running soap operas. The show was very popular among viewers who turned to it for the chance to be involved in story lines that were compelling and characters that had many sorts of travails and yet remained true and loyal at the same time. Head writer Agnes Nixon was able to create a show that was able to explore many different themes and help people realize that their struggles are also shared by other people at the same time. It was this kind of understanding of the basic needs of humanity that helped the show remain popular with viewers of all ages and backgrounds.

The show featured many characters and actresses such as Crystal Hunt who remains a popular instagram celebrity. Hunt was on the show as role Stacy Morasco on the soap to great acclaim from fans and critics alike. Her extensive background in acting helped her bring the character to life and demonstrate an understanding of the motivations of viewers at the same time.

Hunt has been acting for many years as Wikipedia shows, a fact hat has helped her develop the character and her career at the same time. She has done many roles that have helped make her one of the show’s fan favorites as well as provide her with a chance to demonstrate her devotion to the craft of acting at the same time.  Crystal has a full list of previous roles on her SlideShare as well.

It is this kind of love of the craft of acting and the kind of characters shown here that helped make the show such a hit with fans of all ages. The show has done much to help provide viewers with the chance to be able to develop relationships with both the actors on the show and the characters they play at the same time over a long period of time.

Eric Pulier: Bringing Out Innovation in Himself and Others

Eric Pulier has founded 15 computer science corporations. His companies offer a variety of technologically enabled business services to a variety of industries including the aerospace and defense, automotive, chemical, banking, communications, consumer products, energy, financial services, utilities, health care, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, travel, technology, utilities, and public sector industries. Pulier’s business services include application, infrastructure, cyber-security, cloud applications, outsourcing, consulting, analytics and data reporting, industry software, and managed services.

Stemulus, ServiceMesh, Desktone, Media Platform, US Interactive, Digital Evolution, and Akana are some of Eric Pulier’s founding corporations. He invests in many startup companies to help them grow. A large proportion of the start-ups he has helped have become successful and are thriving in the computer science field.

Eric Pulier is now the Chairman of the Board and Executive Director at Service mesh and has helped co-found the company. He also is a Chief Executive Officer of Stemulus, a new technological company. His experience includes founding and working as a Executive Director for the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council.

Mr. Pulier was involved in many government projects to rebuild communities with better technological solutions. He has worked with Bill Clinton and Al Gore to offer more computerized innovations to schools, health care institutions, government buildings, space explorations, and new homes. He has also worked to enable handicapped children to use technological learning modules to learn in new and innovative ways.

XPRIZE is an incentivized competition that seeks to find the best new ideas that people can offer. Eric Pulier is an Innovative Board Member at XPRIZE and enjoys bringing out creativity in participants. Teams are brought together and work in various areas such as literacy uplifts, steam programs encouraging flights for children, and space races. Pulier’s own innovative ideas are leading to new innovations from individuals all around the globe. He helped many people through his own creativity and strives to enable other people to do the same.

Brad Reifler and His Career

What is a Financial Professional Associate?

A Financial Professional Associate is someone who sells insurance and also helps provide financial services to anyone looking to hire them. They also help develop knowledge about various products in the market. They will help their clients reach their goals financially by helping offer advice in the world of finance to the clients.

Brad Reifler: His background from Wikipedia

Brad Reifler is a Financial Professional Associate that has had extreme success in the finance world. After acquiring a dual degree at Bowdoin College in both Economics and Political Science, he began his independent career in the early 1980’s. In 1982, he started his own company, for which he named the Reifler Trading Corporation. This firm oversaw the management of millions of dollars worth of discretionary accounts from its clients. Later on, the company began to get more into research at institutions, the circulation of information, and the execution of services all over the U.S.

The Selling of Reifler Trading Corporation and His Later Foundings

Brad Reifler held onto Reifler Trading Corporation until 2000, where the success of his company was recognized by the company Refco, and they bought it later that year. After the company was sold, Reifler began to get even more into the Finance business. He helped revolutionize Pali Capital back in 1995, and was the Chairman and CEO. Back in the beginning, Pali Capital wasn’t doing extremely well, but after Brad Reifler became the Chairman and CEO, that all changed.

He helped the company earn $1 billion in profit. They were so successful because they research about their investments and then helped teach sales traders learn a strategy to become successful in their business. The company grew so much due to their success that they had offices in four different continents! They were even able to hire more than 300 different employees over the expanse of their financial empire, and when Reifler stepped down as Chairman in 2008, the company was going in a positive direction.

Where Reifler is Today

After stepping down as Chairman and CEO at Pali Capital, he founded yet another financial professional company in 2009. At Forefront Capital LLC, where he is to this day, he is plenty busy as the founder and CEO. He is doing the same thing that he did at Pali Capital, overseeing the product plans for clients and the whole company itself. He has been so successful with his entrepreneurship that he was able to found not one, but three different professional firms that help clients use the advice provided by the employees at his firms to help save money and be smart financially. He has over 30 years of experience and hopes that he can continue to help others for a while longer.

Powerhouse Attorney Dan Newlin Gets Results

As a Florida native I have watched Dan Newlin progress. I have witnessed him get the big results for his clients, and I realized that he was on his way up in the world. He isn’t the new lawyer on the block anymore. He is a professional with years of experience under his belt. He seemed natural that Newlin would grow and expand, but people may have wondered what he would do as he continued to gain the attention of more clients. I would say that expansion would be the next thing in this type of progression, and that is exactly what Newlin has done. He has continued to fight cases in the Florida area, but he has also expanded his services to Chicago. Clients may then wonder how he could manage two offices in two completely different environments. The answer to this would be to invest in others in the practice of law that have the same level of skill.

Dan Newlin has been able to be confident and make some great strides into the new office in Chicago because he has had a great support team. His work history speaks volumes as well. This makes it easier for him to promote his new office in the Chicago area. All the work that he has done in the south has prepared him to handle the northern cases that he is now tackling.

What ultimately serves as the cornerstone to his success is his passion for upholding the law and doing the right thing. Dan Newlin started in the law enforcement side. He has captured fugitives, and he has developed the type of resume that shows that he is really interested in helping people. Over the span of his career in law he has won over $150 million for his clients. This is a huge sum that continues to grow as his business continues to expand. He gives free consultation to those that are in need. He has the experience, and he has a record of stability when it comes to winning cases.

I am convinced that Dan Newlin is the ideal personal injury lawyer because he really takes his job seriously. He is not out there just trying to increase his profits for himself. He has a genuine concern for getting his clients what they need. This has served him well in his pursuit of what is right. He may not be in law enforcement anymore, but he still believes in upholding the law. Newlin is doing his part to make the world a better place by coming to the aid of those that are in need of help. His client base in Chicago is growing because of this.

Choosing A Reputable House Cleaning Service

If you are a busy person, you need to hire the services of a professional home cleaning company. This will allow you to focus on other priorities. There are many companies like Handy out there that handle chores and cleaning tasks for busy individuals who do not have the time or inclination to clean their homes on a regular basis. You will need to be prepared and do your home work before you start looking for a cleaning service.

Determine your needs before contacting a house cleaning service. Write down what services you require and how often you need those tasks to be performed. This type of service can be scheduled on a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on your needs. Make note of your expectations and hand this to the new maid or cleaner. Make it clear if certain areas of your house are off-limits, for instance. The house cleaning company will assign one or two people to your home to thoroughly clean, and you don’t have to be home while they are performing the task.

Setting up a regular cleaning schedule will usually cost less per visit than if you call the cleaners on an as-needed basis. You might also hire professional cleaners before a special occasion such as a birthday party, which would be a one-time fee.

Be aware that maids or cleaners are people and show some respect when you give them instructions. They will treat your place with respect as well. However, also keep in mind that some people can be nosy, so do not leave your confidential material in plain view. If you don’t want people to peek, put those papers away, in a locked box, and don’t give them a chance.

Getting your home cleaned by professionals from Handy can be a great experience. Their service will help you tremendously in terms of saving you time and ensuring that your home is thoroughly cleaned. You will enjoy a clean, fresh environment.

Always check the reputation of a cleaning company you are considering. Look for companies that have pre-screened maids or cleaners, to ensure your peace of mind. Also make sure the company maintains adequate insurance, and is bonded. Read the fine print and be sure you understand the terms and conditions of service before signing a contract with any home cleaning service.

Handy is a reputable home cleaning service that provides house cleaning to customers across the United States. This company has been rendering high quality services for many years. Handy has numerous satisfied customers who keep on recommending their services to friends, relatives and colleagues. Their professionals are well screened before being sent to provide service in a customer’s home. Handy’s house cleaning professionals bring their own supplies and tools and supplies, so you do not need to worry about these unless you have specific supplies you would like them to use. Anybody who wants to enjoy a fresh, appealing home should consider contacting Handy to schedule a house cleaning service.